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ASTRA Creative Children Center Inc (Astra CCC) is a is a registered 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. It was organized exclusively for educational purposes. Specifically, Astra CCC is a not-for-profit organization which is an arts-based after-school program for children from low income families at no cost to them. All activities in this program are conducted by volunteer skilled staff members. Astra CCC is located at 331 Beach 31st Street, New York. Astra CCC carries out its activities at the Community Hall located at the same address. Astra CCC has been operating since 2005. It has been incorporated since August 1st, 2005.

According to the last statistics given publicly by the City and County Data Book of the U.S. Census Bureau, 17.5% of New York City population consists of children (5 – 17 years old), 39.7% of all NYC persons below poverty level consists of young people under 18 years old, and 56.4% of serious crimes in New York State occurred in Kings/Queens County (NYC).  

So the first problem Astra CCC hopes to solve is to prevent domestic youth violence that impacts young people in their homes, their schools and their communities, and to keep children off the streets by engaging them in the participation in artistic, cultural and physical activities.

Another problem Astra CCC hopes to solve is to make it possible for children from low-income families in Queens, NY to receive additional arts-based educational and empowerment training and assistance, to increase  their learning experience through networking opportunities and to visit and explore the city’s outstanding cultural institutions, providing children with valuable learning experiences at no cost to them. This way, children from all economic backgrounds can benefit from early exposure to these outstanding resources.

Astra CCC engages in instructional activities targeted for youth from low-income families without any charges to them. All Astra CCC activities will be held through contributions and donation opportunities. All activities will be conducted by professional or skilled volunteer enthusiastic staff members. All activities in the Astra CCC after-school program will be held during afternoons, evenings and weekend hours.

ASTRA Creative Children Center Inc. plans their activities in three projects: 

   1.  Arts-based after-school program held in a creative and artistic environment.

This is the major project of Astra CCC. 75% of the total time should be allocated to this project. The primary purpose of this project is to provide 8 – 14 year old children with voluntary learning assistance in well equipped art studios, craft workshops, dance and computer classes through lessons, presentations, readings, performances, games, computer literacy and physical activities that draw on and enrich the creative spirit in children. There would be several discipline classes held in different studios:

    • Music & Performing Arts Studio: music/vocal and instrumental lessons; dance/modern and ballet lessons; amateur theatre/acting, voice and diction lessons, physical techniques; puppet shows; instruction in body movement and relaxation/tumbling and yoga lessons etc. All these studio classes should be accompanied by a musician or by the electronic audio equipment.
    • Visual Arts Studio: drawing, painting; sculpturing, carving; photography; crafting/ceramics and mixed media, origami, wood crafting, cultural art and crafting etc.
    • Design Studio: computer graphic design, scientific principles in art and design, stage design, theatre costume design, fashion design, intellectual games, tutoring etc.
    • Petting Zoo.

There would be 5 – 15 children in each class (discipline).

To present to the public the best of works of our talented and creative children, there will be developed special events such as a photo gallery, and arts and crafts exhibitions every 2 – 3 months in Astra CCC facilities. There will also be given public performances in dance and vocal forms and creative dramatics in such facilities or on other stages periodically.

   2.  Learning arts-based web site

This is the second project of Astra CCC. 20% of the total time should be allocated to this project. The primary purpose of this project is to directly engage children in and to provide the possibilities for others to engage in the participation in arts-based activities using network opportunities. The new Astra CCC’ web site:, will be created by the volunteer professional web designer group in the educational-interactive form based on real time activities conducted in Astra CCC Studios facilities, and will duplicate them as close as possible online for those in need to participate in the program, but cannot do so in a physical presence. Students from the Design Studio will also be involved in creating a structure and design of this web site. This web site will be conducted and guided by volunteer teaching staff.

   3.  Visiting New York arts and cultural institutions.

The third project of Astra CCC activities is dedicated to a promotion of the arts to kids for educational purposes through participating children from low-income families in visiting over thirty-five arts and cultural institutions, including theatres, museums, botanical gardens, and wildlife centers without any charge or contribution. 5% of the total time should be allocated to this project. Astra CCC plans to make such trips with small groups of 5 – 15 children accompanied by adult volunteers ones or twice a month.

Also Astra CCC’ goal is to provide mentorship to children while promoting leadership, respect, diversity, good manners and self-discipline. The volunteer staff of Astra CCC is looking forward to making our young people skilled, educated and spiritual today and helping them become respectful and successful adults tomorrow.

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